I just want to rave about your product! My daughter gave me the Plant Nanny wine bottle stakes for Mothers Day! “Jokingly, reuse your wine bottles, Mom!!” But, these are the best things ever!! I recently planted new pots for my porch 4 weeks ago, put in the stakes, and have not had to water with the hose! The plants are getting enough water and have more than doubled in size.  Wow! Great invention! Thanks so much! Just need to order a ton more for the rest of my plants!

–Carol W., Clayton, North Carolina


Thanks so much for an excellent product! I have container flowers on my patio, and my husband and I were always miscommunicating about whether they had been watered, much to the detriment of our plants. The Plant Nanny stakes have ended all confusion as we can easily see whether the bottles are still full! Also, I thought I would mention that we found that dark colored bottles have led to much less algae growth. Our plants now happily drink out of recycled blue vodka bottles (and appear to be attending a crazy party).

Thanks again for keeping our plants going!

–Tracy B., Madison, Wisconsin


One of my favorite Christmas gifts is a set of Wine Bottle Plant Nanny Stakes. I’m so excited! I’ve always worried about my plants when I was away from home for several days. This will help solve my problem. Now I need to get busy emptying some wine bottles. That will be fun!

–Shelly M., Cabot Arkansas